Need help Ajax Get with jquery hide show form

Hey there,

I Basically want to hide and show different forms based on a field value with a GET request. The purpose of this is for a stage sign up so each time a form is submited knack submit rules changes to stage 1 then stage 2 etc. So based on the saved it will hide and show different forms.

I really would appreciate the help on this one and can't get this to work

var Loadsignupstage = function (user_token) {
var headers = { "Authorization": '05a070e0-0082-11e9-8fdc-291ac4e1a2ce', "X-Knack-Application-ID": '5c14fa84172f351047b24167', "Content-Type":"application/json"};
var Class = $('#view_74-field_113').val();
url: " + class",
type: "GET",
headers: headers,
success: function(result) {
if($("#view_74-field_113").val() != "stage 1") {
alert ("These are not the droids you are looking for.");

Can you achieve this using page rules instead Jonathan?