Map View - Cluster Multiple Points together

It would be great if on the map view is it possible to show a cluster if there are more than one record in the same location? .. like this

On the USA map you can see 12 over Las Vegas .. as you zoom in the cluster breaks up into separate points like this:

This would be very useful and for the type of map view I'm using it would give a more accurate view of how many and where my records are?

For example, If I have 1 or 12 stores in New York the map at the moment would just show 1 marker (ok 12 markers on top of each other and looks like 1 marker) ... but with a Cluster you could see straight away that New York has 12 stores.

Sadly it seems that knack devs do not seem very keen on developing more MAP options, especially now that Knack moved away from Google Maps to Hero (I know we can keep the Google Maps option with our own API Key).

I don't know what API options Here Maps offers but Google offers so many options that it's really sad that Knack doesn't take some time to explore it so that users have more options, there are so many use cases that could benefit from it.

oooooh… for an Apartment Listing Site… AWESOME FEATURE. #humblelink

100% needed and already exists on the Google API so a no brainer for me.....