Map search view

Is anybody else experiencing problems with the map search views?

As of 10 minutes ago, the map search seems to be just completely broken. Searches that used to render records are now just not showing anything - no matter what I try, I always get the error message: “No results for that search. Please try again with additional address data (eg. street, city, state, zip, or country).”

The Autocomplete functionality doesn’t work at all.


I haven’t experienced this issue, but here are a few things you can try to help diagnose the problem:

  • Is your console showing any errors? (Article: Finding Your Browser’s Developer Console)
  • Is your Network tab showing any errors (follow the same instructions as above, but click on the Network tab while the page is loading)
  • Are you using “Here” or Google Maps? If using Google Maps, have you tried using a different API key?
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