Map Location Search - Results mis-centered 10-15 miles to west

Hello. I’m stumped. I’m using Here maps. Whenever I search, my results always return as if I had searched a location about 15 miles to the west of where I actually searched.

Depending on my filtered results, the distance away from the target change (presumably based on the relative diameter of the results returned) … but, regardless, the map view is always shifted to the west. I have to drag the map westward to find my actual results, which are off-screen.

I’ve searched the forums and I’ve searched the knack maps settings and I don’t see anything about this. Could you please help?

Hi Cameron, thanks so much for letting us know about this. We’d like to investigate this for you! Would you please reach out to our team at with a link to this map? We’ll be standing by to investigate this for you!

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