Many to One reporting in tables...

When using a Many to One relationship and dropping that field in the column it goes south in a hurry. It would be great if the folks at Knack could enable truncating this field.

Also…while you’re at it…could you get rid of the “view more” text when truncating the text?

Thank you for sharing your request!

I have internally shared this request with the Product team for consideration. :rocket:


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@Matthew1 - May I ask why you would want to get rid of the “view more / less” text when truncating :thinking:

Adding more text when the point of truncating is to reduce text is counter intuitive. “View more” requires 9 character spaces where simply adding the standard ellipses “…” requires only three. Currently, truncating adds the ellipses AND “view more”

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 4.47.07 PM

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I agree that simply having “…” would be better and save some space :+1:

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Here is an example of how the Many to One gets out of hand in a table.

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