Logout link in menu?

There's got to be a simple way to do this, but I haven't seen it yet. Is there a way to add a logout option for clients/customers. I'm looking at the client portal functionality and it's awesome, except I can't see a way to set up a method for a client to log out of their client area, specifically, a link back to the client login. They may have several accounts, or be using a public computer. Anyway, thanks for any and all help!

hmmm, I think you are right I don't see the logout!

Is it just me or does logout option become invisible in mobile responsive mode?

Except for the fact that the Logout does not appear on any pages that don't have a Login permission assigned. So if you have some pages protected with Login and some unprotected available for all to see, and your member is logged in and on a page that doesn't have a Login permission, they can't logout and have to go to a protected page to Logout.

Haha, looks like my implementation was covering that bit up. I guess we all have off days..Thanks!

Once a user connects, below the app menu a current user div appears showing the current user name and a log off link...

Nothing special to do!