Line Charts with Vertical Progression


I am tasked with getting all the data from an excel sheet and converting it to a Knack line chart. What I am trying to accomplish is a line chart that doesn't go incrementally but instead goes progressively (Vertically). I am unsure if this is the right terminology, but with each iteration (In my case week by week) I want the previous vertices to ADD to the next one, creating a long vertical line. My chart only has 2 calculation, Goal and Actual. The Goal should go from 0 to the end of year goal in a line, and the Actual should be much shorter than the other line and will slowly get longer as more data comes in throughout the year, creating something that looks like this:


Is this possible to do in Knack? At the moment I have only been able to make it where it calculates each vertices separately, instead of adding to the next one and progressing upwards.

Hopefully this makes sense, I can re-iterate if I didn't make sense.

Thanks so much,