Limit the time that users can select based on a time windows

Hello has anyone found a way to limit what time can be picked based on a time windows.

For example can I limit what time can be selected in a Date\Time field based on another Date\Time field?

Our app has one field that starts a record, then a second date and time that is based on that first one. I want to only give users the option to select a time 2 hours after the first time and also set a limit, like 5:00 PM. So for example, if the request was started at 8:00 AM, then the second time can only be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

This is a big request we have. Users are selecting wrong hours even though they know they have a 2 hour gap that needs to be filled first.

Thank you!!!