Knack/Static IP - Best options?

Our client has a need for a third party to ‘poll’ Knack data via a static IP. There are plugins etc available for Heroku, but I’m asking for recommendations that work best with Knack?

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You can simply poll the data. Are you facing any challenges? Perhaps you can offer details about what issues you are trying to avoid—this will help the community in making suggestions.

Alternatively, you can react to changes in the Knack database via webhooks. If this is your goal you might check out Zapier, Make, or Pipedream.

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Could you please elaborate on “…simply poll the data”. The challenge we face is that a static IP is necessary for our client to whitelist in order to transfer data. To the best of my knowledge, Knack apps do not have such an IP.

Ah I see. In that case, I would create a ticket for the Knack Support team.

Let’s see if anyone responds to this post with more ideas.

Yeah, I did ask the Knack Support team. Unfortunately they were unable to resolve my query and suggested I post it here …

I feel there is a merry-go-round scenario in play.

But thank you anyway.

Was the Knack team able to confirm the following?

To the best of my knowledge, Knack apps do not have such an IP.

Yes. Faced with the same question, I was informed that Knack were unable to make recommendations. *“This is a thing where we can’t officially make any third party recommendations but there are many people on the forums who use these solutions and could offer recommendations with experience using their preferred platform”.

It sounds like the Knack agent misunderstood that question—“Do Knack apps have a static IP?” That question seems to warrant a specific answer, rather than a recommendation. Unfortunately Knack does not discuss this topic in their docs.

As far as the recommendation part—how to “poll” a Knack database—your options are to make requests directly to the Knack REST API, or to use a workflow automation tool. The most popular automation tools used by the Knack community seem to be Zapier, Make, Pipedream and n8n.

With all due respect to the Knack Support, this is probably more my error for not being specific. I made the presumption that many people were using a static IP scenario, and wanted to know which one worked best with a Knack build. I’ll take one on the chin.

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