Javascript track change to textarea?

So, I have a little java script, where I'm checking for a change in a drop down, and when a change is done, we want to make sure that another field is updated. The second field is a textarea and it's not always seeing a change to the textarea.. Here's my code.. Can anyone see what is wrong?

$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_244', function(event, view, data) {

$("#view_244 .kn-button").on("click", function() {
var prevdata = $("#view_244-field_113 option:selected").text() //Drop down field new selection
var newdata = data.field_113_raw[0].identifier; //Drop down field original selection
var origadmintext = data.field_410_raw; //textarea field original data

var curradmintext = document.getElementById("field_410").value; //textarea field updated value. Couldn't get this working with the $("#field_410").value structure.. Not sure why so switched to DOM version

if ((prevdata != newdata) && (origadmintext == curradmintext)) {
alert ("prevdata is: " + prevdata + " newdata is: " + newdata);
alert ("origadmintext is: " + origadmintext + " curradmintext is: " + curradmintext);
alert ("Please update the Admin comments on reason for change.");

} // putting up some alerts to see the data

return false;



And here are a set of images showing what happens:

This is the initial screen:

This is after a change just to the Rate:

Putting up the message, showing that the comment field hasn't changed:

Showing after I've updated the Comments field, with "Test 4" but the variable hasn't updated..