Icons in place of text links in user menu

Anyone have a solution for using icons in place of text in the user menu?


Not sure I understand as you can add icons to menus. :thinking:

Can you add icons on user page menus though? Not seeing that option. Thanks

Do you mean the breadcrumb trail? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re referring to please.

I believe it’s called the user menu, or at least links to user pages. What I want to have are icons, like a gear symbol for account settings, etc. I can use unicode symbols in place of the page name, but that is not ideal because the name of the page would be that symbol in user page navigation.

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Hmm, yes I see your issue. If you were to replace with Unicode or a Windows emoji it would name the page the same. There may be a code based solution but it’s not one I’ve seen. :thinking:

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Hi Jarrod

This should work:

$(document).on("knack-scene-render.any", function (event, scene) {
        $('.kn-current_user a[href="#account-settings"]').html('⚙')


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I knew someone far more talented would know the answer :blush: thank you @CSWinnall :+1:

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Thank you, Craig. This worked great.

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