How to ensure background-image is printed using CSS

Hi there,

I am trying to ensure that an added "CSS background-image" to a table is being printed from within Safari and Chrome, but i just cannot get this work... please help :-)

This is what i have in my Knack CSS section

#view_2707 td.field_933 {

background: url("image.jpg");


@media print


* {-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact !Important; }


From what i understand having trawled Google, this should work...but is unfortunately not for me. I have tried to move the -webkit line to different places with no luck.

Any ideas? I am trying to put a raster image in one column so that this will be visible when printing. Same problem occurs if using a Knack configured background color, i.e. color not being printed.

Thanks in advance,