How do I change universal icon color?

When I embed my app into a page that I built using Webflow, the styling all changes. I am particularly interested in finding a CSS that will change the color of all icons I am using in my app. Anyone have a script? NOTE: I can't find where there is a style setting in Webflow that is causing the icons to change color.

Use this in Knack CSS:

Font Awesome is like text, you can make any changes you like

.fa {
       color: #f9b700;
       font-size: 20px;

I can't figure this out. Can you explain how to find the style name in Knack using Chrome Inspector? I am trying to find the style for icons that sit in all table columns, and buttons.

You will need to find the style name in Knack (chrome inspector) and create a class with that name in webflow. You'll probably need to assign it to something in webflow otherwise webflow will highlight it as unused and it is easily deleted.
Your standalone app won't have the changes in.

You could code the CSS in Knack but webflow may still change it.