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Can I hide pagination in a list view? For example, I don’t want to see “showing 1 of 7”. I swear this used to be an option, but it appears it’s now gone. I have it set to only show 1 record so the user has no ability to see anything else, which is why I’d like to hide the “showing 1 of 7” as it feels confusing. Thank you in advance!

Hi @Suzanne - I can’t replicate this issue. If I set the list view to display less than five records then the “Showing 1 of X” message hides, as it always has. If there are more than five records the message automatically displays. I don’t recollected there being an option to turn this off. I have coded it out with CSS before by inspecting the element in the DOM and hiding it.

This is the code for the borders on the list view

/*List Cards*/
#view_xxx .kn-list-item-container { 
border: solid 1px #2480CE;
-webkit-box-shadow: -1px 2px 5px 5px rgba(163,163,163,0.33);
-moz-box-shadow: -1px 2px 5px 5px rgba(163,163,163,0.33);
box-shadow: -1px 2px 5px 5px rgba(163,163,163,0.33);
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Thank you Carl! I took a look at it again and I think I know what the difference is. I realized I misspoke when I said that I had it set to only show 1 record. I actually have it filtered in numerous ways, one of which is by the account that is logged in. I have 7 accounts that have records meeting the filter criteria for this list (one of which is my account). So I think it’s actually the filter that is causing it to remain. It’s only showing me mine, but the pagination is including the other 6 records for the other accounts.

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Hi Suzanne,
To add to Carl’s help try this snippet of CSS and see below the before and after. Just update the view number.

/* Hide the record summary in a specific view */
#view_1574 .kn-entries-summary {

It works for tables and lists.



That worked! Thank you! The only other problem with it still is that there is a really large gap in between that view and the one above it. Do you know of any code to fix that? I was hoping that once the pagination was removed, it would also remove the gap. Thank you!

Hi Suzanne, not sure what that would be without seeing the page in the builder I’m afraid.

Hi @Suzanne

We add a smaller margin to all views as this annoyed us too.

.kn-view { /*reduce bottom margin on views**/
  margin-bottom: 1em;

Adjust the amount of margin to your liking.


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