Hide entire Object List (and title/description) when empty

Hello all,

I have an Object called, "News". I'm using it to post announcements at the top of certain pages. I have it set to display only the 3 most recent news items in a list and that works fine. In this screenshot, the news items are appearing at the top of the Jobs page.




The problem is when there is no news to share (it expires or someone turns them "off"), I can't hide the title and description of the list (title is "News", in this screenshot the description is empty, but I would like to actually use it).

This is what is displayed when there is no news:



Is there an easy way to completely hide the Object list and it's title? I don't like that it's pushing important information further down the page, and not providing any value to users.

I tried this:


But I'm no JS expert, and I couldn't get it to work.

Any help would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance!

You can easily hide tables with no data by using this.


Ah, 116340968072 thank you so much! I had tried that but it didn't work. However, because of your post I realized I was missing a connection to make it function correctly. Thank you so much! You've just saved me a lot of frustration. Your help is most appreciated!

Kimberly - First idea is to setup a Page Rule based on a criteria of that field being blank. If that field is blank, then hide the News view. 

how it looks in new Builder: