Function to refresh tables and views an a specific timer

As a Builder, I would like to be anyone viewing my page so that they have the most up to date information from the updates their colleageus are making to those records.

Thanks Guilherme! We're understanding this feature request now that you'd like to be able to set a timer on forced reload of pages in your app so that your user are always seeing the most up to date information.

In the meantime, you should be able to set a force refresh with a little bit of custom code.

If you're running into issues with a particular issues on a table / details view, feel free to write into us with some further details on how we can help there.

Thanks again!

No because this will only refresh the table for me and not for the other team members in the same page. Also, this inline update causes sometimes that the detail link will open another record line. Probably because of the inline update and it caused in the past wrong redirections for the other team members in the same page that did not refresh the page after I did the inline edit from my computer.

We recently updated the inline edit functionality so that after a save on an inline edit the table data refreshes.

Does that update suit your needs? Or in in your scenario are some of your users are only viewing data and so you'd like the forced refresh to be sure they're seeing the most up to date information?

I agree in some situations an inbuilt automated refresh would assist, we have a couple of tables with their own script supplied by an external builder (Datacove, who are excellent) that refresh every 60 seconds. There is one flaw that I have found.

The flaw being that if your table has an "edit" field that is a modal popup, when the table automatically refreshes then the modal becomes full screen.

Hi laura!

The ideia here is to let us choose to auto refresh a table or view after a period (5min). This would be great because I have some tables that are inline edited by my team during all day. Everytime someone needs to take a look on what was updated be the other users, they need to refresh the hole page. The idea here is to make this process automated without having to refresh the hole page. Let me know if you need any other information. Tks!

Hi Guilherme - can you elaborate a bit more on your feature request here? What's the context of what you'd like to set up? Would this timer be something set in the Builder or something that's available on the Live App?