Formatting Tables for Mobile Phone Portrait View

I’ve built a database query with search fields and a results table on the same page. The results table is using 4 columns, and whenever I go more than 3 columns wide, the 4th column expands off of the page on phones in portrait view, resulting in horizontal scrolling.

Does anyone have a formatting solution for tables on mobile phone portrait view? Perhaps stacking cells above and below each other, combining cells, or some other idea I haven’t considered?

Example link is below.

Quite a challenge with those large note fields - but it is doable with text formula fields. Concatenating multiple fields into a text formula field. Something like:

LastVisit: {Return Max Date}
Days: {Visit Age Days}
Household: {Adults tot} / {Child tot}

This creates a ‘card’ like look on a mobile phone.

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Here is an example:
Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 9.22.08 AM

Thanks very much for your guidance, as I was able to combine multiple fields into one column using the text formula below.




I wasn’t quite able to create the card that you demonstrated, so perhaps I was doing something wrong. The fields are named {course name} {provider} {course description}