Form submitted message - disappear after a few seconds

The recent round of form rules upgrades is great, and I’ve started using some of the features already. One suggestion: when submitting a form, there is always a message shown of some kind.

This is generally OK, but when on a page where the user is entering a bunch of items, one after the other (think line items of a purchase order) seeing the ‘Form successfully committed’ is actually confusing. When there is a link to reload the form, and the user presses it, the message goes away. But with the option to now ‘Automatically reload the form’, even when the form is reloaded the message stays on the screen (see attachment).

Ideally the ‘Form successfully committed’ would disappear after a few seconds. Alternatively, would be great to see a little message in the bottom right corner popup saying ‘Saved’, which would then disappear after a few seconds.