Filter by Connected Object's Attribute(s)

Using the following two objects as an example:


  • Name
  • State Abbreviation


  • Manufacturer (connected field)
  • Name

The API honors filtering by the connected field’s ID (e.g. filter Products where Manufacturer ID is a certain value), but is there a way to filter Products by some other connected attribute? In this case, if I wanted to find all Products where the Manufacturer’s State Abbreviation is ‘AZ’, is that possible?

I’ve already tried this using standard Products filtering (e.g. field_123 is ‘AZ’ where field_123 is the Knack field name for State Abbreviation), but Knack ignores that criteria presumably b/c field_123 is on the connected object. For what it’s worth, State Abbreviation happens to be a multiple choice field, but I’m curious about this functionality regardless of field type.