File Naming

I had written code in JS to change the file names to a fixed name, but now it returned to showing a long name.

This was the code:

$(document).on(‘knack-view-render.any’, function(event, view, data) {



Could anyone help me fix it?

Hi @Rodrigo - It looks like there might be an issue with the quotation marks in your code. The characters around ‘knack-view-render.any’ and the double quotes around ‘Attachment’ should be straight quotes (').
It seems like you’ve used curly/single quotes instead. Might just be the forum switching them in your post?

This code works fine for me :blush:

$(document).on('knack-view-render.any', function(event, view, data) {

Thanks for the answer. But I think it was just the forum changing the quotes. I copied your code and still have the error.

Possiby something else conflicting with it as my test app only has the code shown on the screenshot and it works fine. :blush: