Field/Coolumn size for connection picker field

Hi All, I’m seeking help to adjust the width of a connection picker field in a edit form which includes multiple lines, each starting with a checkbox, or more accurately, adjust the width of the entire column. My goal is to expand this field/column size to nearly the full width of the screen. This change is crucial as the text next to the checkboxes consists of complete sentences, and I want to prevent line breaks within them. I’ve tried various CSS selectors to achieve this, but none have been effective so far.

I guess just telling the form to use the whole screen width for all fields could also be fine…

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to successfully make this adjustment? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer: In the meantime I got it to work with using this selector as example: div#kn-scene_295 div.control {
width: 1000px !important;