Extend API with custom methods - data, email etc

I propose the addition of methods to the Knack object in the API for:

  • Data GET/PUT/POST/DELETE methods. Simplify the complex ajax calls currently needed and could be similar to the third part Node wrapper (https://www.npmjs.com/package/knackhq-client).
  • Send email.
  • Attach code to object and form events - this would remove the need to write the listener handlers, and make finding and maintaining the code much easier.
  • Use object and field names in the code rather than IDs.

I'm sure there's others that can add to this small list.

Even simpler, perhaps than that!

I would like to see the ability to attach code to objects / views etc in the Builder in such a way that the user wouldn't need to understand how to write the listeners (in other words create a basic event driven set up like VB/VBA and many other platforms).

This would also have the benefit that the code would be directly associated with the place where it's used and easier to understand because of this .

Also, could we have the ability for the code to understand object/field names - for example Company.Name rather than having to use ids.