Edit the Print view

It would be so great if we could edit the print view. I don't need much. For example, "Include in Print -- yes/no" under the Options for each View.

Globally, having user-defined permissions for the Print option itself would be swell, also.

Steve (via #features-requests):

Publishing option to take digital to print whether that is "mail merge" or full directory publishing, or shipping labels, etc.

Maybe the feature here is multiple printing formats/options.

Tables currently have the ability to adjust colors, etc, based on display rules, i.e. if one value is greater than another, text = red. This should carry over to printing.

Add ability to print colors from tables (row/col background colors), fonts, etc.

I have some pages that have multiple tables. It would be nice to set a print link to a specific table rather than the whole page.

 Yes but maybe we could edit the print template a little.