Edit/ remove advanced filter options like "is", "is not", "is higher than", etc

I am including an address field in a search view and would like to only show one advanced filter: "is near a zip code." How can I remove the other options: "is", "is not", "is higher than", etc. ?

I figured it out if you are still here two years later maybe someone else will benefit from it since I never get help on here lol the jquery below is how I removed all the form search options for a map database location and replace it back with the only search by zip code option. Just change the scene_26 to your scene for page its on

$(document).on('knack-scene-render.scene_26', function(event, scene) {
// Do something after the view renders

$(".operator").find('option').remove().end().append('<option value="near">is near (a zip code)</option>');


I just found the map search function that you point out there allowing you to search by zip code. But I want all the other options gone but search by zip code option can someone show the dom stuff to remove the other options?

I'm interested in the same modification of the advanced filters. Does anyone have a js snippet to limit the advanced filter options?