Deleting the Top Banner

I am trying to remove the Banner above the menu, I used to use this snippet which I got from : CSS Examples. Hide the Logo

#knack-logo {
display: none;

But it doesn’t work any more, has anyone found the same thing and overcome it?

This from a Non coder.

Hey John. This should be running as is… Is there any custom code on the app? Can you try inspect element and see if there are any errors in the console?

Hi Arjun
Thanks for the reply, I have put this snippet in a small app that has no other CSS or Java in it and inspected the Console using Chrome and this is what I got:

Does this mean anything to you? Any help would be appreciated.

Hey John. I just tried adding the css in one of my apps to see if it works. Looks like a “display: block;” is set for the “#knack-logo” custom css is loaded. Change the css to the following and it should work:

#knack-logo {
    display: none !important;

Hey Arjun

That worked perfectly, thanks so much for your time and knowledge.


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