Date and time stamp

On the main page where the list of apps is displayed I’d like to see a date/time stamp for each app.

Thank you Ed for sharing your feature request!

For the date/time stamp for each app, I’m assuming that you would like the date/time of when the app was created to be displayed, is that correct?

Created and modified. Date/Time

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Thank you! I’ll share this with our team for consideration. :slight_smile:

I don’t see a road map anywhere of any future updates or anything that’s on the drawing board in terms of enhancements. Where can I find that? I see that there are quite a number of feature requests that have never been addressed. How can we get this fixed so that we have a clear path forward with what’s changing? I think you’re really weak in this area and I know that communicating with other developers that they would like to see this change.

Ed Cooper