Date and Time - HTML Widget

I'm trying to install a widget provided by

It's a simple html code generated by their site. I tried to simply copy it inside a richtext field, but it wont work. I set the richtext to html mode, but nothing happened. Does anyone knows what should I do to make the date/clock work?

<a href="ão_Paulo" id="time_is_link" rel="nofollow" style="font-size:20px">Time in São Paulo:</a>
<span id="_z17b" style="font-size:20px"></span>
<script src=""></script>
time_is_widget.init({_z17b:{id:"São_Paulo_z17b", template:"TIME<br>DATE", time_format:"12hours:minutes:secondsAMPM", date_format:"dayname daynum/monthnum/yy"}});

Here is the code. Just create a richtext field and html it inside:

<script type="text/javascript">;
function updateClock() {
//© OBH 2016 - 
var days = ["Domingo - ","Segunda-Feira - ","Terça-Feira - ","Quarta-Feira - ","Quinta-Feira - ","Sexta-Feira - ","Sábado - "];
var months = ["01","02","03","04","05","06","07","08","09","10","11","12"];
var now = new Date();
var day = now.getDay();
var date = now.getDate();
var month = now.getMonth();
var year = now.getFullYear();
var hour = now.getHours();
var minute = now.getMinutes();
var second = now.getSeconds();
if(date<10) date = "0" + date;
if(hour<10) hour = "0" + hour;
if(minute<10) minute = "0" + minute;
if(second<10) second = "0" + second;
var firstRow = hour + ":" + minute + ":" + second + '';
document.getElementById("row1").innerHTML = firstRow;
var secondRow = days[day] + " " + date + "/" + months[month] + "/" + year + '';
document.getElementById("row2").innerHTML = secondRow;
<time id="row1"></time>
<time id="row2"></time>
<script type="text/javascript">updateClock();

Yes you can add widget and choose where to put it in your app using API/CODE > Javascript.

It requires some coding skills as you have to use js or Jquery to modify your page HTML structure on page render.

Nothing impossible though.

The rich text field is just for displaying text, using HTML formatting. It won't actually execute the HTML and call the widget that you want.

There may be a way to call the widget using javascript, but I'm not sure that you can put it in a specific place on a form or page, for example. I'd be very interested in the ability to add an HTML widget to a form, but I don't think it exists in Knack right now.