Custom Chart Labels and colors

Please add the ability to set chart legend colors..

similar to calendar coloring rules..

Just add this to your app Javascript section:

colors: ['#95C623', '#BD4C50', '#c68c53', '#1985A1', '#F49F0A', '#401F3E', '#4E5166', '#33658A', 'light grey', 'black', 'dark green', 'dark grey', 'pink', 'magenta', 'fuchsia']
Change the colors so that they suit your preferences, they are used in order of series.

At least could be possible to set the label color. When we have a black column or bar, and the label is also black, it is a pain in the ass... 

Hopefully this one happens soon. :)

Yes! I was just typing this a feature request and found yours. It would be very helpful to differentiate charts, especially when they are side by side.