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Hello Team,

I would like to know about the CSS Code i need to update so that the Tables Header, Table Content are all center justified.

Hi @Red_Stone,

For centering the column headers of your grid view, in our developer docs we have sample code that can be used to accomplish that: CSS Examples

As for centering the grid view’s content, I was able to find a thread where a developer kindly shared their CSS code sample for centering grids and setting the page width: CSS to Change Table Width - #4 by DeanBozzan62116 It may be worth reaching out there in the thread if that sample code doesn’t accomplish what you would like and see if others can help out.

I hope this helps! Thank you for sharing your question :slight_smile:


I am looking into this; I will email you back for any further help.


I updated the code and few of the table headers are still not “Center” align.

Hi @Red_Stone,

Please reach out to our support team for further assistance using the CSS provided in our developer docs. You can reach them via this form here:

Thank you!

Thank you, Our team here helped me sort out this issue.

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