Conditional Text Formula and Time Field Help

Hey All,

So I’m doing a trial of Knack for creating a new SAAS application and have a few questions. I maybe just missing the method of doing this or the feature does not even exist not sure so hoping to get those answers.

Application has a list of objects displayed and if user choses the “Start Action” link for the object it will create an object activity table record which has three notable fields (start date, end date and duration) whereas the start date is loaded. Once the action is done the user will click the “End Action” link and the end date is loaded and the duration in minutes is calculated. Duration is currently a timer field which does not seem to be working as expected but not sure how I can get it to use my start and end dates. Not much information online showing about how this field type should be setup.

So in general here are my questions:

  1. I see no way to make a confirmation dialog to the links. Currently if they hit the link away it goes but there is a completion confirmation. Is this possible and how?
  2. The duration calculation question posted above. How does the Timer actually work?
  3. In table of objects listed there is a size field based on another field called weight with conditions to make the size string “Small”, “Medium”, “Large” and “Extra Large”. I made this a text formula but it only prints out the actual formula instead of values. Read online text formulas don’t work with conditions is this true?

{Weight} =< 20 ? Small: {Weight} > 20 and =< 50? Medium: {Weight} > 50 and =< 75? Large: Extra Large

Note: also tried with single and double quotes around values and it removed the formula all together.

Thanks for anyone’s thoughts.