Conditional Logic to change value of a field based on value of a field in a connected object

Use case. Two objects, Object A is a record with a date and othe details and Object B is a record of dates with the correct period number (ex. P1, P2, P3, etc) for each date.

It would be great to connect the fields and allow the period number field in Object A to be assigned by doing a lookup into Object B for the matching date.

The idea being as setting up Object B as a "database" for other objects to reference in assigning values to records.

Yes please!

With all the workflow functionality that Knack has, adding this feature would be very useful.

My use case example is:

We have an object called "Initiatives".

"Initiatives" are like bigger categories for projects.

An Initiative record's Status gets set to "Archived" after clicking a link in its table view (using "Trigger an action" link).

The Trigger an Action link also sets to "Archived" the status of each "Project" and "Note" that is connected to the Initiative that the user just "Archived".

But, I also want to set to Archived the status of all the Tasks connected to each project. However, the Trigger an Action feature does not let you go that deep in the nested connections.

So, it would be very useful if Knack would add another workflow feature that updates a field in a record automatically when a field in a connected record is updated.

Maybe this exists and I just haven't found it yet ?

Thanks so much.


Great idea.