Combine Date + Time to create Date-Time value

Object A has two fields: Date & Time
Object A has an equation field: {Date} + {Time} configured as follows:

Given Date = 4/14/2023 and Time = 3:15pm, it calculates as 4/13/2065 3:15 pm

Where am I going wrong?

Unsure of you’re use case. Why not use a date time field so you have the date and time in one field?
Perhaps you could provide more information. :+1:

The table (object) is based upon a lot of legacy data. But otherwise, yeah.

Instead of using an Equation, which is trying to add a number of hours to a date to give you a new date, use a Text Formula to concatenate the Date and the Time fields.

Once you have it in a formula field as text, you can use a conditional rule to set it into a new Date/Time field. This new field will work just like any other Date/Time field.

It works.

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Thanks for the tip, Michael. I’ll try that.