Checkboxes Set To Checked


Please can someone tell me how to pre check multiple checkboxes. Thank you!

Good work Paul.

Thanks, Brad, I understood what you meant in the end and by combining your idea with a multi-part form I was able to create what I needed. For anyone else needing to do this you need to:

Use record rules to mark the checkboxes as checked you require.

Then you need to in display rules hide the checkboxes.

Then follow: and on the second part of the form display the checkboxes. The checkboxes wlll then be displayed in a checked state as required.

If anyone comes up with something better please let me know!

Hi Brad, I have been trying to pre-check the check boxes but on save they are unticked.

Do you know how to keep them in a checked state please?

(I have been using a multi-choice field with checkbox selected)

Thanks Paul

Okay - to clarify it's a multi-choice field with the options set to checkbox instead of drop down or radio?

Sorry Brad still don't get it. If I am editing the form, it does let me check the check boxes but on save they do not remain checked. I guess you must have mean't something else. Thanks

A simple way is to enter your data using a two step process - pre-filling the checkboxes in the first form, and allowing the user to edit that field in the second.