ChatGPT for JS / CSS creation?

Hi Knacksters,

what is your expierence using ChatGPT to create JS / CSS for Knack?

Haven’t used it specifically for Knack but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work, it just adds a second layer to the code that we can’t support from the support side. If you’re comfortable massaging its output into a form that works for you though it should be helpful to knock things out quicker.

Most of your problem will be in feeding the prompt the right information (event names, etc) to get the output you desire.

Best of luck! I’d personally be interested to see how your outcomes fare because I’ve been testing it a lot myself in different scenarios just to see how it responds.


I’ve used ChatGPT to successfully create some REGEX code :man_technologist::+1:


That, is such a good idea!

ChatGPT is a very interesting technology with many use cases. We are looking into how Knack can leverage it to provide more value to customers. It’s great to hear what use cases you think we could incorporate. - Troy Kitch

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Hi @Bill, so true. Does Knack provide a list of all events, classes, selectors etc with their parameters.