Change text value for "Submit" Button to custom value

I'm unsure if there's an easy workaround to change the text value on the "Submit" Button.

For example, Make the button say "Save" or "Add" or "Cancel"

awesome thanks

We added an "Options" tab to the Form view where you can now customize the submit button

No, cannot see a way to change the "Submit" button text other than with JS, I can only change the "Add" or "Edit" button text for opening a form but not the button on the form to submit it

On the left side click on the parent line that holds the menu button than in the middle section click on the grey portion of the menu line and you will see the button link. You can click on the pencil to edit the name

Agree it should be on the UI not coded, option to add a link/button and set name

The team have covered this here