Change font size of series names in a chart

Hello I’m trying to make the font larger for series names in charts. I found CSS code to change the font on the overall page, but haven’t found anything to change the font size within the charts displayed on each page. Thanks!

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Until an experienced developer can further assist you, this may help:

Here’s our developer doc about identifying elements to change with CSS: Identifying Elements to Change

You can identify the element in your app to target by using Chrome, Firefox, and other modern browsers.

For example, in the pie chart below, I would like to change the font of the text that displays each of the chart’s sections. To find the class/ID/HTML tag selector, you can use the Elements tab in your browser’s dev tools, and use the pointer highlighted below to select what element you want to change:

Hi we are struggling to make this work with the charts. I see the approach and have successfully used this idea to change general text and h1, h2 element font size but the chart x and y axis labels are not effected

Hi @Jen

Sorry to hear the labels are not affected when trying this approach. With troubleshooting CSS and JS being outside of the scope of our support team, our internal team will be unable to assist with this.

However, I suggest considering our Expert Network and reaching out to one of our vetted affiliates for further help accomplishing your customization to your charts. You can find our Expert Network here: Expert Network

Sorry I couldn’t provide an actual solution, but I’m confident there will be an expert who can assist you further with this.

Best of luck!