Calculate Age giving wrong data

Hello, I have followed the instructions in article

but the age is not calculating correctly, I have someone who entered 4/4/2008 and it is showing them as 15, when they are 14, I have another April 2008 birthday and a may birthday also showing as being 15 when they are still 14, now I am anxious none of them are correct.

Here are the field settings



As a quick workaround you could set your age formula to 2 decimals. Then create another field using a Text formula using Left for 2 characters. This assumes no one will 100 years old or older. If this is the case, then you could use TrimRight to remove the period and decimals.


Thank you, I ended up doing (currenttime() - {Date of Birth})/365 I used days instead of years as the result, I did have to add the decimals and then remove them to get it to round down correctly.

Definitely something they should look at, as it’s a support article on their site and I am sure many people are using this formula.