Breadcrumb trail

Has anyone found a way to stop the breadcrumb trail from getting added?

It grows really long and messes up how the page looks. I have already tried using 'display : none' and 'visibility: hidden'. Both hide the breadcrumb trail, but but it's still getting added to, so the grey box keeps expanding with nothing in it and pushing the 'account / sign out' buttons around. 

Does anyone know of a Javascript solution to stop it being added to in the first place?


Hi Timothy!

In your builder find the cogs icon > klick API and code > CSS > Insert code > Save CSS



How and where do you insert this code?




.kn-crumbtrail a {
  display: none;

Hey Vicki, I used

$(document).on("knack-scene-render.scene_xx", function (event, scene) {

and it works fine, the "Logged in as - Account Settings - Log Out" shifts over to the right side of the page, but that didn't bother me. Let me know if it works!