Best Practice for Assigning Forms

Hello Brilliant Knack Community!!

We have several forms that we would like our employees to complete, the number of forms vary based on their role. What would you say is the best way to…
a) assign these forms to the employees (manually assigning is OK by an Admin - but how?) and
b) hide the form from the employee’s view once they have completed it so they only see forms they need to complete

Hi @Meagan,

One simple approach is to create Menu links to each form, then you can use Page Rules to hide the Menu links based on your criteria.

e.g. Page Rule:
When User Roles does not contain Sales, hide Sales Form link. And so on.

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Hi @Meagan,

As KnackPros has mentioned for point one you can assign them through User Roles.
As for point 2 on the submitting of the form you could update the user’s record with a flag and then only show the form to users who do not have the flag marked. What sort of flag you use would depend on how many forms you intend to have on the system.
If only a few forms and not going to change a lot you could have a field for each form. If you were going to have alot and constantly growing then you may need a new object to track completion.