Auto Column Width

Apologies if this has been asked before however is there an easy/ easier way to have column widths automatically adjust to the length of the longest record displayed rather than having the record spread over three lines and individually set each column manually?

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Hi @Joel1 - can you provide an example of what you mean. Be useful to see the live app and also the fields view in the builder so I can understand the field types. :blush:

Sure! image below. Basically fields like name/mobile/branch etc we’d like to have spread out to fit the entire contents of the column. This data has been mocked up for the purpose of testing.

As you are likely aware, Knack is a responsive web app so will change the column widths to suit the display size, they are effectively elastic columns.
In the case of the “Mobile” column Knack is wrapping the text as there are spaces between the groups of numbers 0418 121 000.
Try changing the column heading to “Mobile Phone Number” and this will force the column width to be wider as Knack will not automatically wrap headings.
The same is happening in the “Name” field.
I’d recommend changing the column width to 150px to manually dictate the width and enforce.

Are you running the app in Full or Max width view?

Column Widths, Line Breaks and HTML - Knack Database


Hi Carl,

Apologies for the delay your reply is greatly appreciated. We’re operating in Full and will change the field names in some cases! Thanks!