"API" requests that do not count towards limits

I'm trying to minimize API calls; in de Knack docs I find:

> Which Requests Do Not Count Toward Limits

> View-based API calls which are not authenticated with a user token - that is, requests whose URLs refer to scenes/views which are not protected by a login - do not count against your limits. For this reason, adding a new page, removing it from the page menu, and using that page for API calls can be a smooth method of avoiding hitting your daily limit without cluttering up your app (your users will not know this page exists, unless they have its URL, since you removed it from the page menu).

But I cannot find documentation on how to extract such data from the page. When I look at the page source I see only a load of another script, that script has been ran through a minimizing bundler such as webpack so it's nigh impossible to see what's going on, and the data itself isn't in the script (nor would I expect it to be, really).

So: how do I follow this advice from the docs to extract the data from the page?

Wait -- if the scene/view is user-accessible *anywhere*, scene/view based API calls directed to that view are free?