API Example: Simple record copy

Add the following snippet to a Details view to easily copy a record


// CHANGE: the view key to your own view
$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_12', function (event, view, data) {
/* Add all of the fields you want copied and match them with detail data */

var duplicateData = {
    field_57: data.field_57_raw[0].id, // If field is connection, we need to match the ID field
	field_56: data.field_56_raw[0].id,
	field_17: data.field_17,
	field_18: data.field_18,
	field_27: data.field_27,
	field_28: data.field_28,
	field_30: data.field_30,
	field_35: data.field_35,
	field_34: data.field_34,
	field_31: data.field_31_raw

// Add a button to execute the action
$('#' + view.key).prepend('<button id="copy-button">Duplicate Record</button>');

// Add the duplicate function to the button we just added
document.getElementById('copy-button').addEventListener('click', function () {
    	$.ajax( {

    		// Change object here to match your record's object #
            // Replace XXX with your own Application ID and API Key found in your Knack Builder
    		url: 'https://api.knackhq.com/v1/objects/object_4/records/',
		    type: 'POST',
		    headers: {'X-Knack-Application-Id': 'XXX', 'X-Knack-REST-API-Key':'XXX'},
		    data: duplicateData,
		    success: function(response) {      
		      alert('Record Copied!');



Hi Frederico,

Just follow the example given but you would have to loop through multiple time to create multiple records. If you need professional help I can do the work for you, just write me: mark@appweaverz.com.



@Bob, if you can share your solution it would be much appreciated. I am happy to swap code :)  

Hi, I am desperately looking for a similar solution to either copy multiple records or, as Bob mentioned, copy multiple records from a parent to a child object. Any ideas? Thank you

Mark, Valerie: thanks!


Since it appears that your field_72 can sometimes be blank, including the check statement that Mark has written above should resolve this error. This will add a check to make sure that there is data within your field_72 and if so, it will be included as a field to copy.


Just do a check/set to a variable like so:

if( data.field_72_raw &&  data.field_72_raw[0]){

  field_72 =  data.field_72_raw[0].id;




Hi Nick,

I'm having trouble with this.  It seems to be choking on this reference:

        field_72: data.field_72_raw[0].id

This is a connection field, so following the inline instructions I'm using the "_raw[0].id" syntax.  But I'm getting an error in the JS console:

VM2351:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

If I remove this one field reference, the button works and I get a copied record -- but of course it's not connected to the right parent record.  

Any ideas?

OK, great, thanks!

field_31 would be any complex field, like an address field or a date / time field. _raw will give Knack all of the properties it needs to insert the right values where needed.

Hi Nic,

Just a quick clarification, what kind of field is field_31?

field_31: data.field_31_raw



Hi Nicolas,

Sorry for asking in advance -- can I get a little more detail about how/where to insert the code? 

Your newbie friend,



You're free to post any findings here. If you have any specific questions I can help answer you can send an email to support@knackhq.com

Hi Robert, can I suggest sharing it here and others might be able to help as well? I’m certainly interested in how to achieve this.


Yes I have found a way.... it is fairly complex and not as easy would hope.... at least the way I have found... Could we email each other to talk more ?


I unfortunately haven't had the chance to expand on this since I first posted it -- have you had any luck in your attempts?


Been working on a way do copy the record from the parent vs. the detail that would duplicate all the connected records along with the duplicated parent record.

Have you tried that yet?