API And with OR filters

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make an API request. I need to have both AND and OR condition in a single request.
How to do this?

Example: Getting the records of Date: 02/01/2023 and Date: 02/04/2023,
when field_xx is blank,

Hello JoshM,

Create a table view with one filter → field_xx is blank. Then apply or filter in API. So you can get data from view instead of object.

Sunny Singla

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Thanks for the response.

How will you work with dynamic value in the created table?

This is the actual data types I’m trying to get with the API request.

Created Table =>
Data Source: Date is dynamic
AND field_xxx is dynamic

View API will be OR
field_XX1 is dynamic OR
field_XX2 is dynamic OR
field_XX3 is dynamic

Hello JoshM,

I think the first filter is not dynamic. It works on the 1 static filter. If there are not many records then you can get all records with OR conditions and then filer records using javascript or jquery.

Sunny Singla