Amount of times multiple choice option has been chosen?

I saw someone post this back in 2021, I am reposting their question as i am in need of the same answer. Thanks!

"Does anyone know/can help in displaying how many times users have chosen a particular multiple choice option?

For example - if there is a form that asks “What’s your favorite color?” How can you calculate the amount of times RED has been selected. "

Hi @Topher, there’s a few options here:

  1. Create a pivot chart with a count on the favourite colour field
  2. Use a connection field instead of multiple choice field. In a separate table, you would have a set of colour records with a Count field to check how many times they have been referenced.
  3. Export the data to Excel and perform the summarisation there

Let me know if that makes sense!

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You could make a “reports” page for yourself. In there create a Table View which uses source data that only contains that color. Then when you open the page it’ll show the entire list plus the total number of records (Showing 1 - 25 of total). Or you could make it into a Search View and choose which color you want to check at will.

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