Allow selecting where the label will appear in forms and lists

Allowing the label to preceed the entry can make the view more compact, to take advantage of wider screens on computers an tablets. Being able to place the label under the field can assist with name, address, postal code entry as it looks more like written form.

I agree on this issue for forms, it would be helpful to be able to select the same label positions as for lists and details.

I wonder if this could be achieved through CSS?  I'm finding it's more powerful than I realised although I'm no CSS expert.  Still, through the GUI would be better.

Brian - Gotcha. The form has one position for the label of course, above the field. I could see relocating the label being valuable. I'd prefer a longer form than a wider form, however (think that works best on a phone + other devices). 

Thanks. Yes, I saw that label control on Details and Lists. It is not on forms or add new forms. That makes large edit and add forms, unless I have missed the feature somewhere.


Bill - Sorry, I should have tagged Brian in my response. 

Thanks Steve... I knew about placing it above the value... that of course results in another line being used and often a form extending off the screen requiring scrolling.

My point was to be able to vary the font size of the label and if possible below the field being filled in.  I.e. if there is data in the field it is seen first instead of the label and stands out.

thanks for the response.


You can place labels above a field if you like. Click the edit option in the left corner of the input view:

It would also be helpful if the font/size for the label could be clearly defined.  In the case of address fields you really want just a subtile reminder of what each field is for... even the option to make the label a lighter shade.   Thanks for considering this.