Add Field Value to Breadcrumb



Is it possible to add a field value from a viewed record to the breadcrumb?


For example, I have a list of jobs. Each job has a detail page with multiple tabbed sub-pages. I want to put the job name in the breadcrumb instead of it just having "Details" as an easy reference for what job the user is looking at.

Hi there,

This is interesting... has anyone tried to accomplish this? I would be very happy to see any attempts of code to do this :-)




This would make the breadcrumb more meaningful , 

Good idea, and I'm pretty sure the only way would be through JavaScript.  I haven't done it but I'd:

  1. Make sure the job name appeared in a field somewhere to be used as data.
  2. Target the last bit of text in the breadcrumb on scene render and change the text to the job name.