Add background color to two input fields

I want to add code so that on my form just two

of the fields has a pink background color (the rest of them are the same) I want this field to stand out and make it pink so the person filling it out does not just leave it as the default (in this case it is a date) The input field url ending is /pages/scene_444/views/view_1033/form/inputs/rows/0/columns/1/inputs/11
I know how to change the input color for the entire app but I don’t know how to do it for just one field.

Go into your browser inspector to get the field id and the view id. (Right click on your browser window and choose inspector). This screenshot has the id highlight and the view is at the top. So mine is view_74 and field_84.

then tailor this and add to your custom CSS:

#view_74 input#field_84 {background-color: yellow!important; }

Awesome thank you so much I forgot about grabbing that info from the inspector :roll_eyes: