Access to "Code" Section of Page Builder

Clause 3 tells me there is a “Code” section on the left navigation pane of the Knack Page Builder.

To navigate to the Custom JavaScript Code section in Knack where you can write custom JavaScript functions, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Knack account and go to the builder for your application.
  2. In the left sidebar menu, click on “Code”.
  3. This will open the “Code” section where you can manage all the custom code for your app.

I DO NOT SEE THE CODE PAGE. Can you tell me how to navigate to it?


@Clay Hi there!

Sorry for the confusion!

You can navigate to the API & Code section by first being in the Builder, selecting “Settings” from the left-side navigation panel, and then selecting “API & Code”.
2024-04-19_13-42-55 (1)

To learn more about adding custom code, our API, JS/CSS, regular expressions, and other resources, see our developer docs here: How to Add Custom Code

Happy Friday!