Zapier trigger from a Page table

At the moment it appears the only way to trigger Zapier is via changes on a Page NOT in the Builder. So, if a Builder Task runs and updates or inserts a record, that will NOT trigger a zap. Similar for Form rules. The only way to trigger a zap from the builder is to use a Task to send an email with an ID to Zapier's Mail Parser which is quite a clunky affair. Perhaps it's too complex/expensive to make it work with the builder (I'm guessing it would require polling rather than web hooks which we might end up doing ourselves) but what if a change in a Page's table could trigger a zap (ie. an automatic change not a manual intervention)? This would be equivalent to Airtable's New Record in View. eg. If a table showed records filtered by today's date, so when a new day starts, zaps trigger from whatever records are showing in that table.