Suddenly unable to records. Getting a strange NEED colored bar with no details of what that means

Hello all...

Having this horrible time with a sudden change in our DB. We have 2 data groups in our DB. CONDO UNITs, and CONTACTS. A condo can have many contacts. Simply DB. Not that many records.

We can edit contacts fine. Suddenly today when we try to change anything (a record field, a file upload, doesn't matter), we get this NEED pink/red badd underneath the EDIT CONDO name and nothing saves. Basically, we are locked out of editing any record. Now, no rules or permissions were changed for users. Only 3 users. Any ideas? Knack support is worthless, they stop replying at 5:00 pm daily and not on weekends.

Looks like you have some type of conditional rule set on a field.. Check the condo object see if any of the fields have a condition set on them that has the message "NEED" typed